Executive Search

The methodology for executive search is well established. Especially in the age of the internet, finding candidates who fit a profile of experience and knowledge is usually not difficult. All jobs demands boil down to three questions:

  • Can the candidate do the job?
  • Does the candidate want to do the job?
  • Will he or she be a “fit” with the existing culture of the organization?

The Fit factor is the trickiest to determine. It is the least verifiable in terms of background checks, credentials or even track records. Also, there are many times when an organization might deliberately want “shake up” their culture by hiring a leader who is not a perfect fit.

For all these reasons, ETM’s approach to Search is to go beyond the obvious knowledge, skill and abilities aspects of a search assignment and also probe for what will be the fit factors critical for a successful candidate.

The simulated video below provides an example of the kinds of questions we ask when mapping an assignment in addition to the traditional questions about experience, knowledge, track record, etc.