What We Do

Executive Assessment and Developmental Planning:
Executive TransforMetrics’ Assessment and Developmental Planning Process can be used as a process for selection of external participants or for career placement and developmental planning of internal participants. It provides a systematic and objective process for evaluation, selection, career guidance and developmental planning.  Learn More

Executive Search

The requirements for all job can be defined in three dimensions: “Can Do”-Does the person have the necessary skills, knowledge, credentials, or experience to do the job; “Will Do”-Will the person be motivated to do the work, will it be challenging enough or gratifying enough to keep the individual working hard to do the job; “Fit”-Will the individual be a good fit with the culture, values and norms of the company. You can find a candidate who meets all of the first two criteria  but may be incompatible with the fit factor. ETM’s proprietary approach to candidate assessment addresses all three dimensions and this greatly increases the probability of delivering candidates who can do the job, will want to do the job and will be a good fit with the rest of the organization. Learn More

New Leader Integration Coaching

Even when you find the perfect candidate, that person can fail for a variety of reasons. When things go wrong they often go wrong quickly and early. The first 100 days of a leader’s entry into a new job, whether promoted from within or selected from the outside, can be very critical. Each situation has its own separate pitfalls. Fortunately, there is a wealth of research information about specific phases and things a new leader can do to successfully navigate this critical period. ETM has developed a specific interventions to help a new leader get off to a successful start.

Executive Coaching

Coaching can be remedial (where there are problem behaviors that need correcting) or augmentative (when you have a high performing individual who needs to be groomed for even more responsibility and greater effectiveness).  Our coaching programs are based on the best available research about what has been demonstrated to be effective in executive development.  Before we plunge in and make recommendations, we rely on a very thorough diagnostic process to identify where the best opportunities are to make maximum impact. In our coaching work we believe in working systemically, that is , not just working with the individual but with other key stakeholder such as the manager, HR or other significant parties to achieve the desired result.

Leading Teams

There is no more defining characteristic of leadership than the ability to create and develop a high performance team. A true team leverages the collective intellectual horsepower or everyone on the team. A true team really can be more than just the sum of its parts or a mere extension of the team’s leader. Forty years of rigorous research has demonstrated that effective teams all share similarities along eight key dimensions. Our interventions assess and then address these dimensions. We work through the leader to fortify these dimensions and empower the entire team to continuously monitor its performance against these benchmarks.

Senior Executive Career Transition

Senior executive career transition is different. Senior executives often have no problem getting offers for new employment, but their real problem is picking the right opportunity. Often their departure from an organization can be complicated by non-compete clauses, board member relationships, public perceptions or even impact on the company’s share price. Each situation has its unique challenges, but ETM has extensive experience in creating smooth transitions that will work best for the senior executive and the organization as well.

Retirement Planning and Transition

The concept of retirement has changed dramatically over the last several decades. To go from several decades of working hard to doing nothing has been likened to coming to an abrupt stop in a car traveling sixty miles per hour! Nearly everyone needs to think about retirement as the next phase in a career. And often there is a spouse of significant other who must also be part of that equation. For some it may entail doing something radically different, for others it may be doing something that capitalizes on their years of experience. It can be one of the most invigorating and gratifying times of a person’s life if they choose correctly. This is where true career guidance is needed. ETM has a very specific process for helping a person think through what comes next.